This link delves into the club's bygone, and incredibly rich history. Prior links in this history are arranged by event. This link is organized by year. The following pictures were drawn from four sources: (1) 2010-2015 features the Ken Osborne cache. Ken was Board member Shannon Osborne's late husband; (2) Past President Judy Byram also graciously provided her 2000-2009 photo collection; (3) Rich Stakelum provided his Ride the Point cache for various years, present and past; and (4) the numerous 2006-2014 Rotapoint reports created by David Brummersted. 
Those four collections contained over 5,000 photos from which to choose. All were considered, but the best appear below. Together, they memorialize the PLRC's philanthropy, causes supported, life-  long learning during our weekly luncheons, and the good fellowship enjoyed by all members.  

The following individual photo captions may contain some inaccuracies; e.g., the photo description (or perhaps a given year) does not match the picture immediately above it. Please advise me of any error at slomansonb Include your proposed alternative two- or three-word description to what I have conjured.
The image size in this Memories link reflects the Club History 2.0 vision of enhancing access via cell phone. You can tap on most pictures to enlarge them. You may have a prized photo that's either digitized or analog. If you would like it to be included in this endearing collection of PLRC memories, please forward it to me at the above e-mail address.  

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              Fiji Project                            Fiji & RTP                              Scout Robotics                    Top Gun Movie Advisor                  
      Seal Team One Member                    Oktoberfest                    Demotion Dinner Guests            Demotion Dinner Skit 
            Rotarian of the Year                 RTP Concert Venue                     RTP Cover Band                       Club Assembly
VIP Recep Gayle+Jim's Oncologist         The Golden Wheel                 Doubled Horsepower                 4 Wheel 3-Wheeler     
      RTP: Start Your Engines!       Recruits Overtake the Recruit            Leader of the Pack                      De Anza Route
  Pres. Scales, Thorn & Robison    Future Pres. Karin Haggard          Debra Gookin's Fiji Plan                       Fiji Results               
  Jim Piburn's RYLA Discussion              RYLA Beneficiaries                Frank White's Paul Harris                Moores PLRC Visit
        Moores Director's Overview                  ↑ PLRC's Moores Check                         Oktoberfest Guests                           ↑ Oktoberfest Best      
          Demo Dinner Attendees                     Rotarian of the Year                        Demo Dinner Skit                    Demo Dinner Attendees 
        Rotarians at Work                                                                                                  PLRC's Ride the Point's Annual Donation
     ↑ Rotarian Artist at Work        ↑ Cabrillo Elementary School       Rotarian Virtuosos at Work             Job Well Done!                          
       ↑ YMCA Carl de Mayo           ↑ San Diego's Finest @ PLRC      ↑ Piracy: Potential Profession        Comedy Night Height  
        RTP Dynamic Duo                             SDYC Team                          Start Your Engines!           Finest City's Finest Riders           

        Birch Aquarium Tenant                     At Tim's Mercy                    Mercy's Global Missions           

Birch Aquarium at Sea Level
      Cdr Pt. Loma Naval Base       PLRC Assembly's Prof. Baker            DA Bonnie Dumanis                         RYLA's Best
       How I Whiten Teeth             Wastewater at the Crossroads      PLRC Wastewater Watchers        San Diego's San Salvador
   Comedy Night Laugh-In            San Salvador Soon Seaworthy        San Salvador's Mini-Me                Kellogg's Beach Party 
               Happy Dollars              PLRC Today/St. Paul's tomorrow         IEDs in Afghanistan                           IED Impact  
         San Diego Food Bank                     Shelter Box Santa            Christmas Party: How Sweet 
Christmas Party Skipper
 Original Rotarians (RotaPoint)        Jim Krause: Model Rotarian          New Rotary Clock at Night          Kellogg's Beach Summer Party
        Boys to Men Theme              ↑ Boys to Men Underway          Youth Ambassador Program            ↑ Rotary Scholarship
         Gift of Life Program                  PLRC & Military YMCA                 Military YMCA Quilt                  Army War College 
      National Guard Mission        National Guard & Border Patrol             National Guard               Cabrillo Maritime Museum
                                           Demo Dinner Lives of the Party       Larger than Life Recipient           Dirty Old Men in Rotary?        
                    ↑                                         ↑      PLRC Summer Concert     ↑                                       ↑
           Wounded Warriors                          RYLA's Best                      Rotary in New Orleans                      Oktoberfest                                                     
    Hispanic Sisters at Rotary      Endowment Meeting Expenses         Christmas Party Revelers             Christmas in San Diego   
        Rotary in Brazil                       Rotary in San Diego                 Rotarians At Work: PUC Boxes       Gary Klein Served Aboard Caiman                         
 Installation Day Liberty Station      The Time is Finally Here           Leaning Tower of Rotary                 Job Well Done!       
      Demo Dinner Diaspora                Demo Dinner Skit                    Presidents' Assembly         Peace & Justice Rotary Scholar     
      Ugandan Scholar Okello         Rotary Peace Fellowship                Rotary Peace Sponsor                  Christmas Party
                                                   Corazon de Vida-San Juan Bosco Project Tiuana, MX 
        4-Way Test Contest         PLRC Directors @ Dist. Assembly     Bob Baker's "Helping Hand"   Kline & Calabrese District Awards


  Last meeting SWYC (Feb)  First meeting SDYC (Mar)    Shelter Box Afghanistan       Project Heart Beat Check 

      Stakelum Demo Dinner        Dan Johnson-RYLA attendees    Christmas Carols at St. Paul's    Giftwrapping-Child. Hospital 

Rotarians at Work OB Entryway          RYLA Students Confer             RYLA Students at PLRC           Pete Hedley Demo Dinner                                 
                                                        Belgian Family Hosts                 PLRC Hosts Brazilian                   Santa Visits PLRC   
Rotarians At Work: Cass HS                 PLRC-funded Student                  Student for a Year                     and David Krause

             Star of India's PLRC Crew                  Father's Day Jokethon Winner 


            Past Presidents


       Thorn Christmas Party             Princess's courtly court                   Princess Leah's joker                    Leah-Babbit's demotion    


  Rotarians At Work Nimitz Blvd          Mehalik Octoberfest

  Wight Christmas Party                Bryam Octoberfest 

Prior History
For a brief, one-page history of the PLRC, from 1953-2008, click here. For other years, click on the following links:
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